Subscriber Management

All about provisioning and managing subscriber access
in multiple services provider environment.
About Treasure
About Treasure

Treasure is a SMS (Subscriber Management System) Software, with Integration to different Conditional Access Systems. Currently integrated with Catvision, iCAS, Kingvon, Dexin, Onlyme, Verimatrix, ABB, NSTV,Irdeto, Sumavision.

Its about provisioning and managing subscriber access in a multiplay network environment.Its an Cost Effective, Dynamic, and Flexible solution. This solution covers starting from customer acquisition to termination of services. Features include, Subscriber Info, LCO Management, Billing System, Stock Management, Subscriber Alerts.

Treasure is available in both Prepaid & Postpaid modes. Its a fully TRAI & BECIL Compliant Solution.

  • Define Service
  • Define Location
  • Define Unit
  • Define LCO
  • Manage CAS
Business Management
  • Define Broadcaster
  • Define Genre
  • Define Channel
  • Invoicing
  • Define Make
  • Define Model
  • Add STb
  • Add VC
  • Define Plan
  • Plan-Price Mapping
  • Define Packages
  • Addon & A-la-carte
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Package-Channel Mapping
Plan & Packaging
  • Manage Connections
  • Manage Disconnections
  • Re-connections
  • Wallet Transfer
  • Account Recharge
Connections & Collection
  • Activation
  • Deactivation
  • Pair & UnPair
  • OSD
  • Email
  • Fingerprinting
CAS Operations
  • Package Activation
  • Package Deactivation
  • Group OSD
  • Group Email
  • Group Fingerprinting
  • Group Alerts
Bulk Operation
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Interactive Reports
  • Analytical Reports
  • Business Reports
  • Revenue Reports
Report Section
  • TRAI Schedule Reports
  • Analytical Reports
Statutory & Compliance
Product Advantages
Edge Over
  • TRAI Compliant
  • GST Compliance
  • IVRS Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Simulcrypt
  • Prepaid/Postpaid Feature
  • User Access Control
  • 24*7 Support Service
  • LCO/Franchisee Portal
  • Subscriber Portal
  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Analytics
Plans & Pricing

Completely white-labeled Web Application

(One time installation)

INR 150000.00

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Standard +
Android Mobile App

(One time installation)

INR 175000.00

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Mobile App

Android Mobile Application

INR 30000.00

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Paid Support Service also available.
Monthly Subscription Charges apply.
Why support is beneficial to you?

We are there to help you any time if you run into issues like data entry error, understanding of the subject & assist you in configuration of new features. You get the following benefits if you have subscribed to our Paid Support Services.

For more information mail us at:
Technical Support
You just concentrate on taking care of your business, we will ensure smooth running of your Application. We are prepared to provide financial guarantees of our compliance.
Feature Updates
We introduce new features as they come up and assist in the integration of new features of Treasure. Few of the Treasure are offered free of charge to those who have subscribed to our Support services.
We are ready to train your staff on our system for smooth operation of the system as and when required.
Disaster Recovery
We will restore the system following any kind of hardware or software failure at any point of time. Provided the system data is safe. We will then re-implement the system from scratch.
Schedule Backup
We will take scheduled backup of your system database as well as application. This will help you in case of disaster recovery.